Yesterday’s Gone

Where are the good times plighted to me?
Where is the promised land, far and free?
Where is my hope, it’s tempted and tried
Where is the power that saved me from fire? It’s gone, gone away

Where are the stars, in the night sky no more
Where is my heart, it’s set sail for new shores
Where are my people divided they’ll fall and they’re
Gone, gone away

Where are the good times
You’re entitled to? Stand behind
An idol that’s true
Look to the sky or look within
Let go of the hate that eats at your skin, and it’s
Gone, gone away

Where is my hope, tomorrow it comes
United in spirit, we’ll live as one
No more lies when you follow your heart
Come together and heed a new start
Mo more room for hate when kindness is king
Open your heart, lift your voice and sing cause
Yesterday’s gone, gone away

  1. Yesterdays Gone 2:23