Who We Are

Mearon is James Mearon Morrison and Sean Mearon Morrison (yep, same middle and last names), musician brothers, piano players, guitarists and vocalists. Though they often perform as a duo, the Mearon Morrison brothers are sometimes joined by vocalist Ethan Martin and drummer, Kyle Friesen. Band members hail from Grande Prairie, Alberta and perform a variety of some great folk rock music, mostly originals with some cool cover tunes thrown in. Their music is influenced by some fantastic artists including Mumford and Sons, Bastille, Bear’s Den, the Eagles, the Band and the Beatles.

What’s Going On?

For the past year, Mearon has been picking up gigs in and around Grande Prairie, travelling as far as Winnipeg and performing to an enthusiastic audience at the City of Calgary’s Canada 150 celebration on July 1st. Over the next several months, they will be working on recording a number of new original songs with a plan to release an album, which will be available in Summer 2019. In the meantime, check out the ‘Dreamboat’ EP on your favourite streaming service or here on the Webpage.

Background Info

Long before the conception of Mearon, brothers James and Sean had already experienced many incredible moments that can only be described as “interventions of fate” with their music. Many opportunities would not have been possible without a number of wonderful people who mentored, guided and supported Mearon. The brothers believe that it’s the human spirit in all its generosity, kindness and optimism that has formed their act and it’s these traits that continue to shape them. In turn, James and Sean strive to remind people of our shared human experience through emotion, beauty and powerful song.

Of equal importance to the song is the performance. The brothers view performance as a communion of sorts, at which they risk vulnerability as they share their viewpoints, heartbreak and hope through song. They aim to spur positive discourse surrounding issues important to themselves and to society and always encourage people to embrace their natural tendency toward empathy.

Although many artists are successful performing to a niche audience, Mearon makes music with a decidedly broad appeal. Their folk music is a “music of the people for the people”. One of Mearon’s goals is to give all members of our shared culture a greater capacity for introspection and a wider lens from which to view world.

Besides satisfying their own creative outlet, James and Sean truly feel that their music is their best way to give back to you. They believe that every success Mearon achieves is thanks to the goodness of humanity and a blow to cynicism. Without emotion there is no meaning, and Mearon’s songs would not be possible. Thank you for making their songs possible.

James and Sean are grateful for your support.

What People Are Saying

“… their sound is very reminiscent of contemporary folk pop groups such as the Seekers, and Peter, Paul and Mary from the 1960s … the band also has beautiful harmonies and wonderful storytelling ballads that they perform with sheer musical talent and ability.” – Carol-Anne Pasemko, Executive Director, VSB

“… they have a wonderful repertoire of songs, great energy and it is evident in their presence on stage that they truly love to perform. They are professional beyond their years and a pleasure to have as our main entertainment …” – Heather Coney, Development Coordinator, Community Foundation of NW Alberta

“… This band lives up to its name and has an uncanny ability to play just the right cocktail/dinner music and then pull out all the stops to get the party started. The James Morrison Band performs an amazing repertoire that seems perfect for every crowd.” – Deb Courvoisier, GPRC Visual Arts Coordinator

“… the band simply took our event from great to fantastic! Not only musically flawless but connecting with the audience, true entertainers!” – Lynn Scheidegger

“… excellent trained musicians and singers performing original songs from their hearts.” – Wayne Ayling, Manager, Grande Prairie Live Theatre